Who is Graham Sanders?

I am a student who is currently enrolled in Mississippi State University, majoring in Computer Engineering. Although I currently reside in Mississippi, I have lived in several states in the southern U.S. and was very active in the Florida 4-H during my high-school years. You could say, I like long walks on the beach... Sorry, I had to.

What else do you do?

English Tutoring

My first “real job” was working as an English tutor for the Holmes Community College English Department Writing Center. I worked there throughout my final year of community college (Spring 2017 to Fall 2018) and left only due to transferring to Mississippi State University. This job has taught me valuable soft-skills while helping my fellow students and enhancing my writing ability. Not only did I learn how to create quality papers, but I learned how to teach concepts to others effectively.

Camera Operating

I am a volunteer camera operator for First Baptist Church Madison. Through this work, I have expanded my comfort zone and built a set of new skills. This includes basic camera techniques and how to use many different cameras, one of which being a Panasonic HC-X1000.

Server Hosting

I bought my first domain name when I was 14 and have been fascinated with servers ever since. This website and my projects at Rvnx are the result of this fascination. Through this, I have learned to use and host with several major Linux distributions and use Arch Linux as my daily driver.

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